Straight Outta Hogwarts ile Rap Müziğe Giriş!


Straight Outta Hogwarts, The Frost Bros isimli bir Youtuber grubunun yaptığı ilginç bir parodi rap müzik videosu. Filmler ile haşır neşir olan, değerlendirmeler yapan ve filmler üzerine konuşan bir grup The Frost Bros.

Videonun alt kısmında sözlerini bulabilirsiniz.

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Straight Outta Hogwarts Sözleri

[Bölüm 1: Harry]

Straight outta Hogwarts, crazy motherfucker named Potter

From the gang of wizards that slaughter

When I’m called out, I got my wand out

Flick of the wrist and the bodies are hauled out

You too boy if you fuck with me, the ministry is gonna have to come and get me

Off my broom: Nimbus 2000

Fly by to the haters that’s clowning

Draco’s gonna act up, he’s getting smacked up

Call his Daddy if he’s looking for some back up

Avada Kadvara is the tool

Don’t make me roast a mother fucking fool

But when I’m in the great hall, you’d better duck

Because Harry Potter is crazy as fuck

And as I leave, I kill the dark lord

But when I come back boy, I’m coming straight outta Hogwarts!

“Yo Hagrid, tell ‘em where ya from!”

[Bölüm 2: Hagrid]

Straight Outta Hogwarts!

Another crazy ass Wizard, more games I keep yo my rep gets bigger

I’m a giant motherfucker and you know this!

Had a dragon in my house in no one noticed

But I don’t give a fuck, I’m a magical beast

Pulling out the umbrella leaving wizards deceased

And I’ll stomp a motherfucker in a minute!

I got a three headed dog, that’s a given!

Rubeus whipping the motorcycle bitch

And I’m high in the sky looking stylish

My friends are kids and a giant bird

But there hood as fuck if you haven’t heard

Wizards with attitudes we do it bigger!

And don’t fuck with Dumbledore cos’ that’s my nigga!

*Awkward Silence*

“Shouldn’t have said that, should not have said that.”

[Bölüm 3: Ron]

Straight outta Hogwarts is a ginger who’s a bona fide sinner

And a wizard chess winner

Weasley motherfucker casting spells

Done so much shit, thought Id get expelled!

I drive a magic car cos’ that’s my shit

I chill with Harry and fuck my bitch

Hand me down robes, hair on fire

Ten points Gryffindor takes me higher

Bloody hell Harry, we run the castle

Fucked up Voldemort in the battle

Pour one out for the people who past

Fred, Dumbledore and Sirius Black

Life’s tough for a wizard that much I can see

But evils no match, for the magical three

Wands out because were on the attack

Creep up on your crew and put a curse in your back

My flow is sick, my lyrics are criminal

You’ll never see us coming because our cloak is invisible

Straight outta Hogwarts!

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